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Archive Photo Gallery

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IM 2500 Keepers Lodge
IM 2525 Croylands Church Road
IM 2501 Lodge at Aspley Heath (2)
IM 1237 c 1910 Horsedrawn snow plough on the Woburn Road
IM 1242 Local firing practice first world war Aspley Heath
IM 1313 St Michael Church
IM 1318 Fullers Earth Lodge
IM 1562 c 1911 Pheasants Drinking Pool
IM 1610 c 1912 Silver Path Woods
IM 1683 Long Slade Lodge WS
IM 1811 Ye old Coach Road
IM 1850 c 1907 Danes Wood Sanatorium
IM 1852 Georges Square Woburn Sands
IM 1858 1948 Widening the Woburn to W.Sands road
IM 1874 The Pools Woburn Sands Woods
IM 2021 Henry VII Lodge with seat
IM 2024 Old Rope Works in Garden House
IM 2088 c 1910 Transporting pipes near Daneswood Aspley Heath
IM 2126 c 1904 The Knoll Woburn Sands
IM 2223 c 1957 Edgbury Convalescent Home
IM 2123 c 1910 Edgbury Woburn Sands Bathurst photo
IM 2230 c 1957 Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath
IM 2231 c 1957 Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath
IM 2233 c 1957 Daneswood Convalescent Home
IM 2235 c 1957 Aspley Heath Wood Gate to main drive
IM 2237 c 1947 Woburn Road Woburn Sands
IM 2284 c 1916 Aspley Heath School
IM 2325 Decorated float near Henry VII Lodge
IM 2372 c 1908 The New Lodge
IM 2375 c 1914 The Maze
IM 2503 c 1909 Leighton Hollow Woburn Sands
IM 2508 Sand Hills under snow
IM 2511 The Sand Pits
IM 2573 May 1952 WSands Music Society
IM1122 Woburn Road c 1915
IM1127 The New Lodge
IM1132 The Sandhills Woburn Sands
IM1201 Sty End Leighton Hollow c 1906
IM1423 The Sand Hills c 1907
IM1449 Homewood c 1931
TA copy front of 3 Church Road c 1920s
TA copy rear of 3 Church Road c 1920s
IM1516 Fullers earth Lodge
IM1561 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1905
IM2032 Fullers Earth Lodge
IM2075 The Silver Path Woods WS 1918
IM2077 The Green Drive Woburn Sands
IM2078 Early view of the Green Drive c 1904
IM2092 Yesterday and Today Aspley Heath School
IM2095 1977 QE II Jubilee celebration Aspley Heath school
IM2095 1977 QE II Jubilee celebration Aspley Heath school
IM2096 Aspley Heath School demolition early 1980s
IM2106 Woburn Sands Band Remembrance Sunday 1998
IM2115 Aspley Heath school grounds and swimming pool
IM2125 Woburn Sands Church
IM2169 Daneswood Aerial view
IM2187 Fullers Earth Site at Wav Heath North 10yrs after restoration
U IM2222 St Michael's Church 1957
IM2232 Danes Wood Convalescent Home
IM2234 Edgbury Convalescent Home 1957
IM2243 St Michaels Church Woburn Sands 1956
IM2245 Church Road Aspley Heath 1956
IM2249 Nativity Play 1948 Six figures
IM2250 Nativity Play 1948 Large Group
IM2307 Edgbury ward at Chistmas c 1937
IM2317 Group of 11 nurses from Edgebury c 1937
IM2326 Aspley Heath looking N E down Church Road c1921
IM 2370 Edgbury early front view
IM 2371 The new Lodge c 1908
IM 2374 Old Puzzle Gardens - the Maze
IM2378 St Michaels Church Interior
IM 2379 St Michaels Church c 1916
IM 2380 Edgbury from field adjacent
IM 2381 Edgbury c 1973
IM 2392 Edgbury c 1955
IM 2383 Daneswood Sanatorium, main wing, early view
IM 2384 Daneswood Sanatorium
IM 2385 Daneswood Sanatorium front
IM 2386 Daneswood Sanatorium front approach
IM 2387 Daneswood Sanatorium
IM 2388 Daneswood Sanatorium
IM 2389 Edgbury
IM 2390 Homewood Convalescent Home
IM 2391 Sand Hills from Cartway entrance c 1905
IM 2393 Woburn Road looking S c 1904
IM 2394 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1907
IM 2395 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1905
IM 2396 FP Entrance just S Fir Tree Cottage c 1907
IM 2397 The Valley with St M c 1914
IM 2399 The woods
IM 2402 The Valley with WS beyond
IM 2413 St Michaels Church
IM 2414 St Michaels Church c 1961
IM 2419 Drinking Pool
IM 2429 Aspley Heath School
IM2454 Aspley Heath School 1950-51
IM2455 Aspley Heath School. c 1920
IM2461 Heatherbank front door
IM2462 Heatherbank entrance gate
IM2465 Heatherbank front croquet lawn
IM2467 Heatherbank Stables Pump and Tool House
IM2469 Heatherbank Stables Coach House
IM2470 Heatherbank Grooms Cottage & Holly Cottage
IM2471 Heatherbank Summer House Lower Plantation
IM2475 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1905
IM2498 Aspley Heath Church Steet
IM2498 Aspley Heath Church Steet
IM2546 Field below Edgbury
IM2547 Yuccas in St Michaels Church Yard
Map of Fullers Earth works
Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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