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IM 1505 Park Cottage Before 1907
IM 2565 Aspley Guise Smithy & Post Office
IM 2500 Keepers Lodge
IM 2525 Croylands Church Road
IM 1393 c 1924 Wavendon Cottages
IM 2515 c 1908 Wavendon Church East End
IM 1102 c 1958 Ivy Lodge Woburn Abbey
IM 1984 Old Grammar School & Church Woburn
IM 1305 c 1924 E Last Motor & Coach Works
IM 1402 c 1929 Henry VII Lodge
IM 2562 c 1906 Ridgmont
IM 2563 Ridgmont School
IM 1311 Bow Brickhill Lodge (2)
IM 1892 c 1907 Husborne Crawley Church (2)
IM 2571 c 1907 White Horse Inn (2)
IM 1319 Wheatsheaf Inn (2)
IM 1115 West Street Aspley Guise
IM 1152 c 1918 The Square & Church Street Aspley Guise (2)
IM 1239 Aspley Hill towards St Michaels Church (2)
IM 1492 Cape Cottage West Hill (2)
IM 1492 The Square from Moor Place
IM 2537 Mount Pleasant (2)
IM 2539 Woodside Aspley Guise(2)
IM 1265 The Old Post Office Aspley Guise (2)
IM 1269 c 1914 Mount Pleasant Aspley Guise
IM 1439 The Crossing Aspley Guise (2)
IM 1455 c 1934 The Square Aspley Guise (2)
IM 1488 c 1916 San Remo Road Aspley Guise PC28 (2)
IM 1541 The National School Aspley Guise (2)
IM 1543 c 1852 Moore Place (2)
IM 1544 c 1852 Aspley Church & Rectory (2)
IM 1641 Aspley Guise Square With Moore Place (2)
IM 1693 c 1868 Aspley Guise Square (2)
IM 1694 Old Cottages Mount Pleasant (2)
IM 1937 c 1810 Old Aspley Church (2)
IM 2519 Festival on Recreation Ground Dog Judging (2)
IM 2566 The Anchor Inn (2)
IM 1614 Horse and Carriage Woburn
IM 1858 c 1948 Widening the Woburn to Woburn Sands Road
IM 1877 c 1818 St Marys Church Woburn
IM 2523 The Dene Woburn
IM 2540 Woburn Market Square
IM 2501 Lodge at Aspley Heath (2)
IM 1863 Crow Lane Chapel
IM 1291 The Leathern Bottle
IM 2516 c 1906 Wavendon Church - children playing
IM 2518 c 1907 Wavendon Church
IM 1101 c 1958 Early View of Plysu c
IM 1120 The Friends Meeting House
IM 1245 Coronation Procession 1911 Woburn Sands
IM 1324 High Street Woburn Sands
IM 1360 The Institute Building
IM 1517 Wood Street
IM 1551 Wood Street
IM 1556 c 1914 Bedford & Woburn CentralOmnibus outside The Swan
IM 1608 The Square from the Swan Hotel
IM 1746 The Square Woburn Sands
IM 1830 c 1911 Woblurn Sands Station
IM 1848 c 1909 Chapel Street
IM 1857 Motor Train
IM 1869 c 1930-1956 Roman Catholic Church Hut
IM 1886 c 1913 High Street
IM 1888 High Street
IM 1930 c 1905 Aerial View of Woburn Sands
IM 2522 c 1905 Chapel Street
IM 2542 Chapel Street
IM 2567 July 1907 Fire at Cyclists Rest
IM 2569 c 1907 Cottages at Hardwick Place
IM 2570 c 1913 Station Road Woburn Sands
IM 1237 c 1910 Horsedrawn snow plough on the Woburn Road
IM 1242 Local firing practice first world war Aspley Heath
IM 1313 St Michael Church
IM 1318 Fullers Earth Lodge
IM 1562 c 1911 Pheasants Drinking Pool
IM 1610 c 1912 Silver Path Woods
IM 1683 Long Slade Lodge WS
IM 1811 Ye old Coach Road
IM 1850 c 1907 Danes Wood Sanatorium
IM 1852 Georges Square Woburn Sands
IM 1858 1948 Widening the Woburn to W.Sands road
IM 1874 The Pools Woburn Sands Woods
IM 2021 Henry VII Lodge with seat
IM 2024 Old Rope Works in Garden House
IM 2088 c 1910 Transporting pipes near Daneswood Aspley Heath
IM 2126 c 1904 The Knoll Woburn Sands
IM 2223 c 1957 Edgbury Convalescent Home
IM 2123 c 1910 Edgbury Woburn Sands Bathurst photo
IM 2230 c 1957 Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath
IM 2231 c 1957 Homewood Convalescent Home Aspley Heath
IM 2233 c 1957 Daneswood Convalescent Home
IM 2235 c 1957 Aspley Heath Wood Gate to main drive
IM 2237 c 1947 Woburn Road Woburn Sands
IM 2284 c 1916 Aspley Heath School
IM 2325 Decorated float near Henry VII Lodge
IM 2372 c 1908 The New Lodge
IM 2375 c 1914 The Maze
IM 2503 c 1909 Leighton Hollow Woburn Sands
IM 2508 Sand Hills under snow
IM 2511 The Sand Pits
IM 2573 May 1952 WSands Music Society
IM 2089 c 1910 Duke of Bedford opening the reservoir
PC 2112 Station Road Bow Brickhill
IM 2127 c 1925 Bow Brickhill Church
PC 2111 c 1910 Bow Brickhill Village
IM 2148 c 1907 Bow Brickhill Centre of Village
IM 2229 c 1956 All Saints Church Bow Brickhill
IM 2479 Bow Brickhill woods looking past lodge to distant church tower
IM 2482 c 1907 Brickhill Church
IM1185 Carpenters outside Charles Sinfield c 1900
IM1191 Dedicating the War Memorial Aspley Guise
IM1220 Ploughing possibly Aspley Guise from land
IM1235 PC Painting of Ye Barn by Mrs Acheson c 1912
IM1238 Early painting of Aspley House seat of Rev E Hervey c 1786
IM1239 Aspley Hill Colour RAC series
IM1262 Members of Cricket Club poss Aspley Guise
IM1263 Aspley Guise Football Club Photo1
IM1638 Beating the Bounds
IM2002 Aspley Guise Smithy
IM1122 Woburn Road c 1915
IM1127 The New Lodge
IM1132 The Sandhills Woburn Sands
IM1201 Sty End Leighton Hollow c 1906
IM1146 Newman and Son of Woburn
IM 1338 c 1906 Cyclist Rest on fire
IM 1418 Cyclists Rest
IM1103 View of Dudleys brick & tile works c 1958
IM1123 High Street Woburn Sands
IM1124 High Street Woburn Sands
IM1125 The Square Woburn Sands
IM1188 Ox Roast Queen Victorias Jubilee c 1897
IM1246 Coronation Grand Procession Woburn Sands c1911
IM1248 Mr Rices Garage Hardwick Road
IM1102 Junction Station Rd Weathercock Lane c 1958
IM1247 Coronation Crowd at crossroads with horse and cart c 1911
IM1117 A family outing Mr Sinfield in driving seat c 1910 names of others in index
IM1270 Aspley Guise Parish Hall c 1910
IM1271 The Steamer Inn Aspley Guise
IM1274 The Post Office at Tilcocks West Hilll before 1916
IM1283 Duchess of Bedford opening the water trough Aspley Guise
IM1284 Duchess of Bedford opening the water trough 2
IM1289 Cowfield Burrows Close bottom of Weathercock Lane
IM1296 2 Aspley Guise Football Club 1906-07
IM1355 Victory Celebration in Courtney Memorial chapel Aspley Guise
IM1357 Volunteer Fire Brigade, Aspley Guise c 1934
IM 1309 Ivy lodge entrance into Woburn Abbey
IM1308 Londrance gate entrance into Woburn Park
IM1294 Members of Bowls Club outside Social Club
IM1295 Brass Band possibly Woburn Sands
IM1298 Ivy Cottage The Leys Woburn Sands demolished 1937
IM1304 E Last Coach & Motor Works c 1914
IM1371 Eagle Malting Down & Needham Russel St
IM1432 Victorian Parsonage Aspley Guise built 1870
IM1469 The Mount House before demolition Aspley Guise
IM1489 Wood Lane outside No 21 looking N Aspley Guise
IM1423 The Sand Hills c 1907
IM1449 Homewood c 1931
TA copy front of 3 Church Road c 1920s
TA copy rear of 3 Church Road c 1920s
IM1425 Bathursts the Chemist c
IM1435 Hardwicke Place Woburn Sands c 1931
IM1460 Staff of C Dudley & Sons Brick and Tile Makers
IM1504 Wood Lane Corner before 1924 Aspley Guise
IM1536 Coal Strike 1912 Gathering Fuel
IM1537 Mrs Brett and others Wooding during 1912 Coal Strike
IM1545 Aspley Guise General View c 1852
IM1621 Cricket Team July 1950
IM1680 Aspley School the Classical Academy
IM1708 Girl Guides at camp c 1930s
IM1714 Old Mill & Water Mill Burrows Close
IM1862 First flower festival St Botolphs Aspley Guise
IM1939 Practising with gas masks
IM1942 Food parcels from Australia
IM1516 Fullers earth Lodge
IM1561 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1905
IM1596 Wavendon Church
IM1893 High Street Woburn at Cross Roads c 1818
IM1550 Friends Meeting House Painting Henrietta Payne bef 1901
IM1613 The Swan & High Street Woburn Sands c 1907
IM1656 Bowls Club outing Charabanc at Station 1922
IM1684 Station Road looking SE Woburn Sands
IM1849 Wood Street with Eastwoods chimney
IM1865 War Weapons Week The Fire Service c 1940
IM1889 Fir Tree Hotel Woburn Sands
IM1921 Wood Street Woburn Sands
IM1970 Catholic Church Woburn Sands Interior 1920 to 1956
IM1994 Staion Road looking N past Theydon Av c 1907
U IM2007 Powage Press site after fire
U IM2008 Powage Press Printers repainted
IM2003 Lacemaking School
IM2009 The Square and Post Office
IM2022 Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club May 1914
IM2023 Players and spectators approaching 6th green May 1914
IM2048 Mrs Mollie Courage in the grounds of The Holt
IM2049 Edward Shingfield stud groom at The Holt
IM2069 Aspley Gusie Wood c
IM2004 (2) Town Hall & George Street Woburn copy
IM2005 Bedford Street Woburn copy
IM2040 Hulett outfitters Woburn
IM2041 Turney & Sons Woburn
IM2042 C B Clarke Woburn crossroads c before 1890
IM2043 No 1 Leighton Street build c 1724 used as Cottage Hosp
IM2044 Alfred Dawborn Bird Catcher Woburn
IM2045 Woburn Sheepshearing
IM2046 Cottage Hospital Woburn c 1905
IM2062 Woburn Football Team 1907
IM2063 High Street Shops Woburn
IM2064 High St. Woburn with specials & cyclist
IM2065 Park Street and War Memorial Woburn
IM2066 Methodist Church Woburn
IM2067 Cottage Hospital Woburn General view c 1913
IM2068 St Marys Church Woburn
IM2071 High Street & Bedford Road Woburn
IM2071 High Street & Bedford Road Woburn
IM2072 Town Hall & Market Square Woburn
IM2074 Celebrating end of Boer War outside Magpie Hotel c 1918
U IM2079 Parish Church of St Mary during build
IM2080 Woburn Church from Woburn Reporter 1948
IM2032 Fullers Earth Lodge
IM2075 The Silver Path Woods WS 1918
IM2077 The Green Drive Woburn Sands
IM2078 Early view of the Green Drive c 1904
IM1236 Painting by Mrs Acheson Old Cottage facing School Lane c 1912
IM2010 The Green Husborne Crawley
IM2000 Souvenir of Woburn sands c 1930
IM2011 Friends Meeting House
IM2012 TH Brill Station Road Dairy
IM2013 TH Brill and daughter at Shop
PC2014 Woburn Sands Fir Tree & Swan c 1907
PC2015 War Memorial Woburn Sands
PC2016 Wesleyan Church
PC2017 Woburn Sands Town band at cross roads
PC2018 Station Road Woburn Sands c 1907
PC2019 Woburn Road with carts c 1917
PC2020 High Street Woburn Sands c 1905
IM2026 Brick layers unclear where
IM2030 Woburn Sands Brickworks c 1908 closed Great War
IM2037 Fire Officers on engine
IM2039 Addressing crowd after parade War Weapons Week c1942 or 3
IM2060 The Station Woburn Sands
IM2084 The Wheatsheaf Inn Aspley Guise before demolition c 1900
IM2090 Attractive motor cycle combination
IM2093 Bobbing for apples Aspley Guise Rec 1977 QE 25th Anniv
IM2100 The Weathercock Inn Weathercock Lane Aspley Guise
IM2102 Bedford Road Aspley Guise about 1900 to 1905
PC2107 St Mary's Catholic Church Opened 1956
PC2109 East Street Aspley Guise
IM2117 Orchard Cottage Bedford Road
IM2092 Yesterday and Today Aspley Heath School
IM2095 1977 QE II Jubilee celebration Aspley Heath school
IM2095 1977 QE II Jubilee celebration Aspley Heath school
IM2096 Aspley Heath School demolition early 1980s
IM2106 Woburn Sands Band Remembrance Sunday 1998
IM2115 Aspley Heath school grounds and swimming pool
PC2110 Church Road Bow Brickhill
IM2097 Marston Valley lorries at Ridgemont
IM2098 Marston Bespres giant dragline machine
PC2113 Wavendon Village Pump early 1900s
IM2087 Laying water mains Woburn Sands High Street c 1910
IM2091 Horse trough Jnct Hardwick Rd and High Street
IM2099 WVS Canteen Ellen Pettit Hall 339 Company 1940s
IM2101 Chapel Street Woburn Sands prior to being made up
IM2103 339 Company off duty in Ellen Pettit canteen
IM2104 Decorated bicycles King George VJubilee 1935
IM2105 Woburn Sands Band late 70s
PC2108 The Leys Terrace Woburn Sands c1925
IM2114 Mr A W Parker auctioning produce 1962
IM2118 The Station Woburn Sands PC Sept 05
PC116 WS Stars football team with cup 1912
IM2119 Mr Sinfield driving small coupe BM2550 c
IM2120 The Emma Courtney Memorial Hall Aspley Guise
IM2121 Barnwell Butcher Mount Pleasant c 1910
IM2128 Photograph Miss Emma Courtney RAC Portrait
IM2129 Photograph of Miss Agnes Laws RAC Portrait
IM2125 Woburn Sands Church
IM2122 Russell Street Woburn Sands c 1913
IM2130 Duplicate bricklayer
IM2139 Frosts Garden Centre Frontage September 1968
IM2142 Frosts Garden Centre Plant Area 1975
IM2149 WS Fire crew with 2 aux pumps
IM2151 Methodist Chapel WS 1910 to 1919
IM2173 Pastor Davies with group c
IM2175 Aspley Guise Football team with cup 1929 to 1930
IM2177 Pastor Davies receiving present late 1940s
IM2183 Henry VII Lodge Watercolour painting
IM2184 The Woods Entrance Aspley Guise c 1907
IM2169 Daneswood Aerial view
IM2187 Fullers Earth Site at Wav Heath North 10yrs after restoration
IM2171 Husborn Crawley Reading Room c 1908
IM2172 School Lane Husborne Crawley
IM2176 Husborne Crawley School Pupils 1939
IM2189 Meet at Wavendon House c
IM2174 WS Bowls Club
IM2178 Aerial view of Plysu site
IM2179 Cutting Room Plysu 1970s
IM2180 Labelling Machine Plysu 1970s
IM2181 Blow moulding machine Plysu 1970s
IM2182 Injection Moulding Plysu 1970s
IM2207 St Botopphs embroiderers with kneelers
IM2210 Aspley Guise Scout Group Halloween Party
IM2211 Pioneer Corps Courtney Memorial Hall WW2
IM2216 Church Street Asley Guise PC 1909
IM2224 Golf Course Aspley Guise looking N from Club House 1957
IM2225 St Mary's Church newly built 1956
U IM2222 St Michael's Church 1957
IM2213 Husborne Crawley Church and Green c 1970
IM2214 Husborne Crawley Church South from field
IM2191 Wavendon Orchard couple with pigs
IM2194 Gig outside Hardware Shop
IM2195 Wavendon Endowed School June 1916
IM2196 Mr Neale and bakers assistant bakehouse Maltings Yard c
IM2197 Old Post Office Wavendon Mrs Nellie Collins
IM2198 Maltings Yard Wavendon
IM2199 Walton Road Wavendon c
IM2200 Children outside school house late 1950s
IM2201 Wavendon Village
IM2156 The Beach Hundreds c 1867
IM2202 Confirmation Theydon avenue
IM2205 Hardwick House before demolition 1960
IM2206 Cottages on Hardwick Green
IM2217 The Woburn Sands Social Club Grounds
IM2219 New Year's Eve 1937 unclear where this was
IM2220 Woburn Sands Social Club c 1957
IM2221 The Square & High Street WS 1957
IM2227 St Marys Church Interior 1956
IM2228 St Marys Presbytery 1956
IM2236 Ling Hill Aspley Wood 1957
IM2247 The Square Aspley Guise 1956
IM2252 Park Cottages Aspley Guise Stereo pair
IM2253 The Rookery Aspley Guise
IM2257 Aspley Guise Square with children
IM2287 St Botolphs Church Aspley Guise
IM2288 Aspley Hill looking west
IM2289 Rev Harry Legg Clothier Rector of Aspley Guise 1938
IM2290 Choirboys St Botulphs c 1938 Aspley Guise
IM2292 New Post Office 1936 Aspley Guise
IM2293 Coronation May 1937 Bunting in Square
IM2294 Coronation Celebrations May 1937 AG
IM2295 Coronation Celebrations May 1937 looking S to Bedford Road
IM2296 Junction West Hill and Weathercock Lane 1937
IM2297 West Hill looking E outside Nether Hall June 1937
IM2232 Danes Wood Convalescent Home
IM2234 Edgbury Convalescent Home 1957
IM2243 St Michaels Church Woburn Sands 1956
IM2245 Church Road Aspley Heath 1956
IM2249 Nativity Play 1948 Six figures
IM2250 Nativity Play 1948 Large Group
IM2238 The Swan and Fir Tree Woburn Sand 1957s
IM2239 The Square Woburn sands 1957
IM2240 The High Street Woburn Sands 1957
IM2241 The High Street Woburn Sands 1957
IM2285 British legion Celebration 1947
IM2298 Looking down West Hill June 1937
IM2300 West bank Cottages Wood Lane June 1937
IM2302 Hill House Wood Lane rear view June 1937
IM2303 St Botolphs three people and car Church Street Jul 1937
IM2304 Old Rectory Church Street July 1937
IM2305 Man of the Church name unknown July 1937
IM2306 War Memorial c 1937 Aspley Guise
IM2307 Edgbury ward at Chistmas c 1937
IM2317 Group of 11 nurses from Edgebury c 1937
IM2326 Aspley Heath looking N E down Church Road c1921
IM2313 The Cottage c 1937 Wavendon
IM2323 Wavendon Endowed School June 1916
IM2308 The Fir Tree and Cross Roads c 1937 Woburn Sands
IM2309 The High Street c 1937 Woburn Sands
IM2311 Chapel Street c 1937 Woburn Sands
IM2312 Station Road c 1937 Woburn Sands
IM2318 Woburn Sands Station 1937
IM2319 Newport Road before Frosts or Bell Way c 1937
IM2320 Group Edgebury staff with matron c 1937
IM2322 Woburn Sands Station Master Presentation to worker 1939
IM2327 Wedding Hilda Parkins & Thomas Hudson c 1921
IM2328 No 7 Station Road Woburn Sands 1990s before demolition
IM1265 The Post Office
IM2368 Aspley Hill Looking West
Im2350 Swan Hotel c1957
IM2351 Swan Hotel and Memorial
IM 2352 Swan Hotel c 1925
IM2353 Dedication of the War Memorial
IM2354 Swan Hotel and Memorial
IM2358 High Street WS
IM2359 Hight Street WS
IM2360 High Street c 1960
IM 2361 Hight Street
IM 2363 Friends Meeting House
IM2364 Station WS
IM 2366 Steam Train from Bedford
IM 2367 Station Road c 1904
IM2369 Aspley Hill
IM 2376 King Henry V11 Lodge
IM 2377 King Henry V11 Lodge PC c 1008
IM 2403 Devils Oak in AG
IM2404 FP 23 and 33 Crossing c 1909
IM 2370 Edgbury early front view
IM 2371 The new Lodge c 1908
IM 2374 Old Puzzle Gardens - the Maze
IM2378 St Michaels Church Interior
IM 2379 St Michaels Church c 1916
IM 2380 Edgbury from field adjacent
IM 2381 Edgbury c 1973
IM 2392 Edgbury c 1955
IM 2383 Daneswood Sanatorium, main wing, early view
IM 2384 Daneswood Sanatorium
IM 2385 Daneswood Sanatorium front
IM 2386 Daneswood Sanatorium front approach
IM 2387 Daneswood Sanatorium
IM 2388 Daneswood Sanatorium
IM 2389 Edgbury
IM 2390 Homewood Convalescent Home
IM 2391 Sand Hills from Cartway entrance c 1905
IM 2393 Woburn Road looking S c 1904
IM 2394 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1907
IM 2395 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1905
IM 2396 FP Entrance just S Fir Tree Cottage c 1907
IM 2397 The Valley with St M c 1914
IM 2399 The woods
IM 2402 The Valley with WS beyond
IM 2411 War Memorial
IM 2412 War Memorial
IM 2425 Tansley Family and Shop
IM 2413 St Michaels Church
IM 2414 St Michaels Church c 1961
IM 2419 Drinking Pool
IM 2429 Aspley Heath School
IM 2426 Two Lace Makers Ridgmont
IM 2433 The Mount
IM 2434 The Square
IM 2435 The Square
IM2474 Henry VII Lodge c 1905
IM2473 Henry VII Lodge
IM2442 Henry VII Lodge and puzzle garden
IM2453 Aspley Guise Football club 1929-30
IM2459 Cricketers infront of railway carriage
IM2460 AG Church Choir outing 1922
IM2454 Aspley Heath School 1950-51
IM2455 Aspley Heath School. c 1920
IM2461 Heatherbank front door
IM2462 Heatherbank entrance gate
IM2465 Heatherbank front croquet lawn
IM2467 Heatherbank Stables Pump and Tool House
IM2469 Heatherbank Stables Coach House
IM2470 Heatherbank Grooms Cottage & Holly Cottage
IM2471 Heatherbank Summer House Lower Plantation
IM2475 Fullers Earth Lodge c 1905
IM2498 Aspley Heath Church Steet
IM2445 Bedford Street Woburn
IM2480 Golden Entrance to Woburn Park
IM2484 Parish Church Woburn
IM2456 Party Methodist Church Hall
IM2457 WS Square looking down Woburn Rd
IM2458 Group outside Memorial Hall c 1935
IM2487 Woburn sands elevated view of Swan Hotel
IM2489 The Square no crosses
IM2490 The Cenotaph WS
IM2491 The Square Woburn Sands
IM2492 High Street Woburn Sands
IM2493 High Street Woburn Sands
IM2493 High Street Woburn Sands
IM2497 High Street Woburn Sands
IM2499 Aerial View Weathercock Lane WS
IM2541 Threshing Group October 1906 not sure where
IM2520 St Marys Church & cemetery
IM2498 Aspley Heath Church Steet
IM2546 Field below Edgbury
IM2521 High Street Woburn sands
IM2526 14 Station Road WS
IM2534 Woodleys Farm WS c 1935
IM2535 Woodleys Farm stacking hay with elevator c 1935
IM2538 Delivery Van Porter & Son parked WS
IM2545 Edgewick Farm water colour by Frank Allcom
IM2555 Bedfordshire Lace Makers c 1911 P Cox
IM2583 AG Bowls Club 1970s
IM2547 Yuccas in St Michaels Church Yard
IM2561 Bedfordshire Agricultural Institute c 1908 copy
IM2548 Living Whist Formal Group Paul Cox
IM2549 Living Whist 1907 on lawn Paul Cox
IM2550 Calander Pagent c 1909 Paul Cox
IM2551 Calendar Pagent detail c 1909 Paul Cox
IM2552 Woman in Coronation fancy dress c 1911 Paul Cox
IM2553 Man in Coronation fancy dress c 1911 Paul Cox
IM2554 Pageant Britannia and attendants Paul Cox
IM2556 Woburn Sands Stars cup winners 1912 Paul Cox
IM2557 SPC Missionary Pagent children sitting c 1912 Paul Cox
IM2557 SPC Missionary Pagent children sitting c 1912 Paul Cox
IM2559 Group of children with shield Paul Cox
IM2560 Harvest Festival Arrangement c 1901 Paul Cox
IM2568 Woburn Sands Square
IM2574 Ready to Sing May Day 1946
IM2575 WSands Music Soc at Social Club 1949
IM2576 W Sands Music Soc at Social Club c 1949
IM2577 W Sands Music Soc at Social Club
IM2578 Playing at Vicarage Garden Fete June 1952
IM2579 J W Smith WS High Street c 1930
IM2580 J W Smith shop 1937
Map of Fullers Earth works
Map of Hogsty End c 1840
Map of Hogsty End Detail c 1840
Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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