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03/04/2012 - National Planning Policy Framework

The National Planning Policy Framework with its presumption in favour of sustainable development, was published on the 25th March 2012, and came into immediate effect, replacing all national planning policy statements and guidance and much more. These are, in effect, abolished. We have considered this document carefully and consider that is much improved on the original draft, with much that we can support, however we consider that it is still very pro the developers lobby and with its lack of clarity in certain critical issues, a lawyers charter.
There is a transitional year, when Core Strategies and Local Plans after 2004 will be given full weight even if there is a “LIMITED” degree of conflict with the National Planning Policy Framework. Presumably if there is more than a limited conflict, then they will not be given full weight. After 12 months then only relevant policies in existing plans or emerging plans that are consistent with the National Planning Policy Framework will be given weight The Government is now enjoying their Easter recess. But, and it is a big but, we are not clear that the Localism Bill has been fully implemented and the Government has not brought in the secondary legislation required to revoke the Regional Spatial Strategies. So local planning authorities are in the quite ludicrous position of having to consider development proposals and devise cores stragies from the 25th March 2012 a) against the still in force Regional Spatial Strategy with their top down targets, b) a Localism Bill that may not have been fully implemented and c) the National Planning Policy Framework which has come into immediate effect removing all other National Planning Policy Statements and guidance. The still in force SE Regional Spatial Strategy, is likely to have a significant effect on the submission Milton Keynes Core Strategy due to be examined in July with consequent effects on the communities the society represents.

Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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