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08/03/2012 - New Central Bedfordshire Core Strategy

Central Bedfordshire (North), following examination, adopted its Core Strategy in November 2009 and the Site Allocation Local Development Framework was examined and adopted in 2010/11 covering the period up to 2026.

However following the withdrawal of Luton from the draft Joint Core Strategy between Central Bedfordshire (South) and Luton, Central Bedfordshire now intends to draft a new Central Bedfordshire wide Core Strategy over the next two years covering the period up to 2031, so the process the North has already gone through will have to be repeated.

It is of note that whilst Central Bedfordshire North broadly adopted the housing targets and content of the East of England Regional Spatial Strategy, the draft Joint Core Strategy for the South and Luton, following the Governments intention to abolish the Regional Spatial Strategies, reduced their housing target by 10,000.
The first consultation in respect of the new core strategy has commenced, the details of which can be found at

The Society will be making representation on this first consultation, but is concerned, that Central Bedfordshire (North) , which is predominantly rural, will be forced to take more housing than under the existing adopted Core Strategy with adverse impact on rural communities, particularly as most of the South is covered by the South Bedfordshire Greenbelt.

Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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