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23/02/2012 - Inexpensive Progress Report from NT RSPB and CPRE

As you will recall the espoused Localism agenda and then the draft National Planning Policy Framework, became economically driven by the Government’s view that building houses would solve the UK’s economic slow down following the banking crash – ignoring, of course, that the fall in house prices, and corresponding slowdown in construction, was due to mortgages becoming difficult to get, rising unemployment, and of course reduction in wages, confidence etc. And of course the European Euro problems. (I wonder why all governments are wedded to building their way out of a crisis, perhaps if they focused more on production and less on consumerism we would see the back of boom and bust). However I digress.

With all the unsubstantiated claims that planning was strangling growth and economic recovery The CPRE, RSPB and NT commissioned a report to draw up an economic framework that provides a structure for analysing the costs and benefits of land use planning. Whilst having an economic basis the report consideres the full range of ways in which planning contributes to wellbing including through its effects on the environment.
The report can be found here


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