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23/03/2008 - Draft South East Plan The Panel Report following the Examination in Public, was published in August 2007. Publication of South East Plan is delayed until July 2008


It would perhaps be helpful to show the chronology of events, to demonstrate how determined the Government was and is, that MK should become one of the major growth areas to deliver the Governments drive for a step change in housing numbers in the East and South East of England.

March 2004 a statutory instrument was made and laid before Parliament, giving an Urban Regeneration Agency (now called MK Partnership) planning control over planning decisions in respect of designated areas to the east and west of Milton Keynes up to the Mid Beds and Aylesbury Vale Border.
March April 2004 the examination in public was held of the draft Milton Keynes and South Midland Sub Regional Plan.
August 2004 the panel report was published
March 2005 the Milton Keynes and Sub Regional Plan was published. Setting a housing target for MK of 44,900 dwellings to be delivered between 2001 and 2021. Location of development would follow the agreed MK local plan, with further areas of search around the western, southern and eastern edges of the Urban Area.
November January 2006 MK Partnerships conducted an alleged consultation in respect of the options for growth, followed by the publication of an incomplete Evaluation Report, and in June 2006 a Growth Strategy. The Growth Strategy proposed, in addition to the growth planned in urban MK, a further 8,000 dwellings to be provided in each of an eastern and western urban extensions to the city. In respect of the Eastern Urban Extension, it was proposed that a total of 3,700 dwellings be built across the county boundary in Mid Bedfordshire.

Note Mid Bedfordshire falls within the remit of the East of England Plan, not the SE Plan. The East of England Plan, had already been subject to examination in Public at the beginning of 2006.

March 2006 the draft SE Plan was published stating a total housing total for MK, increased to 48, 800 an increase of 4,000 approx.

WSDS made full representation at every stage its view, along with others, being that that expansion should stay within MK boundaries, and extend if necessary east of the motorway not stray into other counties, or indeed, other regional planning areas. The Society deplored that Government imposed housing targets that were threatening to ruin the elements that made MK iconic as well as threatening local villages in the area of expansion. See Representations and Document Library for some of these.


The examination in public of the Draft SE Plan was held between November 2006 and March 2007. Whilst the panel recommended a drop in the overall total of housing provision to 46,900, it recommended a shift of housing from the west urban extension across to the east urban extension. Increasing the numbers across the Mid Beds border from 3,700 (growth strategy) to 5,600. This was despite MK Council and Beds County Council recommending 3,200, and Mid Bed District Council recommending 3,700 this following two environmental reports. The local councils have combined and instructed the Consultants who drafted the Growth Strategy, to provide a report into the numbers of houses that should be accommodated within the Eastern Urban extension, particularly the area within Mid Bedfordshire. The Society was not impressed by the Growth Strategy, nor is it likely to be impressed by the result of the local councils joint working. MK Council is asking why should they take all of these imposed houses conveniently forgetting that unlike Aylesbury Vale, Mid Bedfordshire falls within the area of the East of England Plan, not the SE Plan.

The SE Plan is delayed in publication until July 2008.

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