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04/11/2011 - Zen and Tesco Express news

It has been confirmed that Tesco intends to open a Tesco Express at the site of the current Zen restaurant site. There is no necessity for a planning application in respect of Change of Use, but there will be planning applications in respect of minor changes to the rear and front of the store.
Go to http://www.woburnsands.co.uk/ for Woburn Sands Town Council's official statement on the matter.

As in other area's a Tesco Express in the High Street will threaten some of the other stores in the high street, due to their competitive pricing and Club Card points, which will no doubt be welcomed by some residents. The Society would regret the loss of any existing shops in the High Street, but it will in the end be down to what shops residents choose to use, if the planning applications for minor amendments are successful.

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