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29/10/2011 - Covanta decision

The Infrastructure Planning Commission published its decision on the Covanta Energy from Waste Application in October. Unfortunately even though it recognised that this was opposed by planning authorities, town and parish councils over a wide area, and national as well as local organisations, the Commission approved the application. Therefore subject to the Environment Agency issuing a permit for both the Energy from Waste Facility, and the Mechanical Recovery Facility, there being no Judicial Review of the decision, and Covanta being successful in obtaining contracts for residual waste in the local and national area to make it viable, the development will go ahead. Thus undoing the work of the last 10+ years in renewing the Marston Vale as a tourist attraction, after decades of brick building depredations by constructing in the words of the IPC, an “overbearing on the landscape” facility next door to the Millennium Park and Stewartby Lake used for water sports and Community Forest of Marston Vale. To read the decision copy and paste this link:-


and click statement of reasons for decision.

We are advised that Covanta has now withdrawn its application for a similar facility in Wales, having achieved what it wanted, a toehold in the UK and European Market at a time when it is under pressure in its American markets.

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