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16/09/2011 - Woburn Sands Library News

With Taylor Wimpey providing in advance S106 money from Phase 3 of the Nampak development, the library will move to the Institute around December 2011 following renovation and kitting out, opening in 2012. MK Council and WS Council have entered into a 25 year agreement under which MKC has guaranteed to provide:
- the same level of service for three years.
- the same level of professional staff,
- the same open hours,
- the same stock levels and interface with other MKC libraries.
After the the first three years the agreement will be reviewed annually one year in advance. MKC has agreed that the hours of service could be extended with volunteer help. The institute will also be available to other community groups for a charge and activities would be subject to the joint approval of the two Councils due to the need for supervision of the facilities outside library hours. The aim of this partnership is a) to maximise the use of the Institute, b) promote the library and information services from the Institute and c)to ensure that public library opening hours are maintained from the Institute. Contributions from neighbouring councils will be sought whose residents use the library to assist WSTC with the costs.
The Society welcomes the move of the library to the Institute and congratulates WS Town Council on their work in this matter. We hope that the Library and Institute will become a vibrant well used community facility.

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