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03/02/2011 - Storey Homes Proposal for Woburn Sands development

Storey Homes held a meeting with WS Town Council and Wavendon Parish Council to explain and consult in respect of their proposal that some 7.5 hectares of land consisting of three fields east of Cranfield Road, and one field west of Cranfield Road, between Deethe Farm and WS development envelope, should be developed for housing. A further meeting with immediate local residents will be held on Saturday the 5th February, with a second planned for the 5th March.

This land is designated open countryside under the existing and in force Local Plan, outside WS settlement envelope and therefore not for development under the existing plan. In fact the Inspector we are advised deemed it inappropriate at that time. Whilst this was part of the area-designated part of the old MKSEDA under the soon to be defunct Regional Spatial Strategies, with the Government clear statement that these will be abolished, it is now designated rural under the draft MK Core Strategy. Under the draft MK Core Strategy, the whole MK rural area is to deliver some 120 homes annually from 2010 to 2026 or 1,760, less some 500+ dwellings already in the pipeline.

Storey homes are carrying out informal local consultation to ascertain if there is any support for their proposals to develop this land, and if so a planning application will follow. It should be noted that we are advised that this is not the only Greenfield land that Storey Homes own in the area.

The Society is of the initial view that this proposal is premature. If following planning inspector’s examination the current draft MK Core Strategy is adopted, then MKC will be asking landowners and agents for land sites to be put forward as part of the normal Site Allocation process, and following detailed assessment the most suitable sites to meet the MK Core Strategy objectives and examination, they will proceed. Any site already with planning permission would not be part of this process

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