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03/02/2011 - Central Bedfordshire Draft Local Transport Plan

Central Bedfordshire Draft Local Transport Plan (LTP3) was published on the Council web site on the 6th January for consultation until the 3rd February with little if any local notification. This can be found here
As can be seen this consists of a main report and a number of large appendices, including 4 Local Area Transport Plans. The Society has only been able to consider the main report as the substantial appendices we discovered were only to be available on line. We are very unhappy about the way this strategic document has been consulted on and have made this clear directly and in our response to the LTP33, which has had to, perforce be limited to the main report only due to the short timescales. Whilst the Society is broadly supportive of the bulk of LTP3 main report we do have some specific points of concern, which we have highlighted. A copy of the representation can be found in the Representations and Document Library of the web site under the heading Central Bedfordshire Council LTP3

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Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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