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27/01/2011 - CBC(North) Site Allocation DPD Update

The Society represents communities on both sides of the Beds Bucks Border, and is fully cognisant that what happens in one impacts on the other.

We have now received a copy of the Planning Inspectors report on the Central Bedfordshire (North) Site Allocation DPD. The Society had objected to
· the employment site allocated to Brogborough, and its description as a storage and logistics hub, when the Core Strategy designated Broborough a small village suitable only for small scale residential and employment development that was needed by the village
· the alternative sites put forward both in Brogborough, and Hulcote and Salford.
· the flawed final process in respect of the Site Allocation DPD and the changes made

A copy of the report may be found in the Documents and Representations section on the home report, and we must admit that it is not like any such report we have read before.

In summary the Site Allocation DPD was found to be both sound and legal and no changes were made. In particular:
· the site allocation at Brogborough will go forward increasing the large footprint warehousing in the area with little benefit to the locality and knock on consequences to the surrounding communities – subject to a further transport assessment to ensure that the benefits of the improvements to the A421 are not eroded . However the Inspector recognised that Brogborough is a designated small village That may help in the battle not to have the greenfield area east of Junction 13 turned into an even bigger logistics and storage eyesore, with little CBC employment benefit, a substantial decrease in air quality in the local and surrounding area and impact on local communities. There is considerable market demand of course for such sites close to the M1 junctions.
· none of the alternative sites put forward went forward.
· well it appears that anyone involved in planning has to have the stamina and ability to react at short notice to what CBC does. Having attended the hearings and heard the level of anger, as stated before this is like no report we have seen before.

The Inspectors report is binding, there is no appeal. As an irrelevance but possibly worth noting, whilst originally the coalition government promised under the Localism Bill, that there would be third party appeals – i.e. developers can appeal planning refusal, planning authorities can also appeal, but anyone else, local communities and organisations can not. – this has not been carried forward, so referendum is the only recourse that local communities have under the draft Localism Bill.

Pay attention to what is going on – if you don’t, what you value may disappear.

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