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09/02/2011 - Newsflash Updated - Regional Spatial Strategies

As we advised in July, the new coalition government revoked the Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) and their top down housing targets. However this was then challenged by Cala Homes and declared unlawful. Therefore the Regional Spatial Strategies remain in place for now in particular the published South East RSS (SE Plan) and the published East of England RSS (EE Plan). The EE Plan was subject to review and whilst this draft submission document was published for consultation in March, prior to examination, this process is terminated. Therefore it is only the published EE Plan that remains in place.

The Government had made clear to Local Planning Authorities and the Planning Inspectorate in May and again following this decision, that it intends to revoke the Regional Spatial Strategies under the Localism Bill - the draft of which was published in December. The Government made clear that this intention should be regarded as a material consideration in any planning issue, and to that end has released the clause of the draft Localism Bill fro reference.

However again Cala Homes made Judicial Review Legal Challenge and issued a temporary injunction. This latter was quashed in December and now in February we have heard that this challenge has failed. Yeeess

So what this means is that whilst the Regional Spatial Strategies remain in place, the fact the Government intends to revoke them as demonstrated by the published Localism Bill is a "material consideration" in deciding planning decisions by Local Authorities and the Planning Inspectorate.

At the moment MK draft revised Core Strategy, which removed the need for expansion to the SW into Aylesbury and SE into Wavendon and Woburn Sands, continues as planned. Consultation on the draft pre submission document has now ended, and will be considered before the final draft is submitted for pre-examination consultation and examination.

It is unclear what the impact of the RSSs remaining in place will have on Aylesbury Vale, who were allowed to recall their submission Core Strategy, and the premature application in respect of Salden Chase (SW Milton Keynes).

For those wanting to know just why Cala Homes was so keen to challenge the Government go to:


Cala Homes appeal in respect of Winchester Council's refusal of their planning application began on the 8th February,after the failure of their Judicial Review.

Under the draft Localism Bill it is now for local councils, including Parish Councils, not regional strategies or speculative landowners/developers to decide what is needed, and where that need should be accommodated. We sincerely hope that this Bill proceeds.

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