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20/10/2010 - CBC(north) Site Allocation Submission document Update

Site Allocation Submission Document was published in January 2010 for consultation prior to examination by the Planning Inspectorate. Later after the consultation period had ended CBC published changes to the Technical Report Document, which though stated to be for clarification, in fact changed the evidence in a number of cases. Belatedly a Habitats Assessment was also published. The Society made representation on the appropriateness of this.

A Pre-Hearing Meeting was held on the 13th August 2010 to discuss the examination process which will commence on the 25th October. Following this meeting, on the 27th August CBC published a schedule of changes to the Site Allocations Main submission document for consultation, which contained both minor amendments and policy changes.

We consider that this is an unsound process, to amend the evidence document underpinning the Site Allocation Submission Documents after it was published for consultation prior to examination and have so stated. Additionally we have expressed our concern that now the main document is being changed prior to examination.

The Society opposes the site allocation at Brogborough and the alternative sites proposals at Salford and Hulcot/Brogborough and are making our views known at the examination in October and November.

Information in respect of this process, and its associated documents can be found at

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