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18/02/2010 - CBC (North) LDF Site Allocation Submission Document

Central Bedfordshire (North)LDF Site Allocation Submission documents have been published for consultation . They are the documents labelled Draft Site Allocations DPD on the web page at http://www.talktocentralbedfordshire.co.uk/info/pre-submission.htm Copy and paste the link into your browser. Central Bedfordshire Council, following the consultation on the individual sites submitted by developers and landowners in 2008, have moved straight to a submission document, which means that comment can only be made on its legality and soundness. Deadline for comment 8th March 2010

The Society has considered this document, and thankfully most of the villages in our area we represent have not had land allocated for either housing or employment, with the exception of Brogborough, which though designated in the adopted Core Strategy as a Rural Small Village where the policy as set out states “In the rural part of the district new development will be limited in overall scale. The Site Allocations DPD will make small-scale allocation of new homes, jobs and community facilities that reflect the size and character of the community”. That of course is irrespective of the existing Prologis Park development, which was an opposed decisions made in the 80/90s. However the LDF Sites Allocation document has now seen fit to designate Brogborough as a “storage and distribution hub”, and allocated a further site for B8 (storage and distribution) use.

The Society considers that designation of Brogborough, a rural small village under the Core Strategy, as a storage and distribution hub, and the allocation of a further large site for B8 use is not legal and not sound, and therefore has made strong formal representation. A copy of representation, which includes some scanned documents from the 80/90s, has been uploaded to the Representation Document Library.

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