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04/01/2010 - Towergate Planning application

A planning application has been submitted

Application no: 09/02263/FUL
Erection of a two story manufacturing facility (use class B2) for the manufacture of pastry/bakery products with external car parking, HGV Service yard and associated works Site A Towergate Groveway V11 to H8 Milton Keynes

This would involve building a large industrial unit at Towergate just to the north of the Stables and Wavendon Tower south of H9 Groveway supplying fresh and frozen bakery products to the UK and Europe. The site whilst designated employment land is for class B1 (business) C1 (residential institutions e.g. hotels) D1 (non residential institutions e.g. clinics). This application is for B2 use general industrial and will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Full documents and details particularly the Design and Access Statement, which is a very useful summary can be accessed on line go to: www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/publicaccess

Standard Consultation for this application will end on the 11th January 2010

We had some initial concerns in respect of this application in respect of any change of use, particularly increased HGV traffic through local communities, noise and light pollution, and having considered the detail, we will be making representation. A copy of the represntation can be found in the documents and representations library.
It is of note that officers due to the number of objections referred it to MKC with a recommendation to accept. We consider that the reasons given were unsound. However MKC refused the application.

A copy of the decision can be found in the documents library.

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