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03/03/2008 - A421 Improvement M1 Junction 13 to Bedford. A public enquiry which commenced on the 4th December into the Highways Agency scheme, was completed on 13th February 2008. The report is awaited.


Following public consultation from March to June 2004, and further studies, the Preferred Route Announcement for the proposed scheme, to dual the A421 east of the M1 and make substantial improvements to Junction 13, was published in December 2004. For details of the scheme see:


Draft Orders in respect of Line and Detrunking Orders, Side Roads Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders were published and consulted on. Following receipt of a number of objections from stakeholders and the public, a public enquiry was set for December 2007.

The enquiry was adjourned twice to allow the Highways Agency to carry out further modelling, in particular in respect of the Junction 13 scheme and whether it had the capacity for the size of proposed local development, including the MK expansion. The Society made no representation in respect of the scheme as it was broadly supportive of the scheme, however concerns were raised in respect of any increase to rat running traffic through villages west of the M1. Of more concern was that whilst funding had been identified to dual the A421 east of the M1 in Buckinghamshire as part of the MK expansion, the section that runs through Bedfordshire had had no funding to dual. MK Council and Bedfordshire County Council jointly applied for funding from the government however this was not forthcoming as there was no proposal to do this in the draft East of England Plan.


The decision whether to proceed with the scheme will be taken after the Secretary of State for Transport and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government have considered the Inspector’s report

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