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25/01/2010 - Milton Keynes Proposed Boundary Changes

News Item updated January 2010

Councillor Crooks and Councilor Geary put forward a motion to MK Cabinet on the 27th October which was, we are advised, passed. Needless to say this is a unilateral MK Council proposal, and the views of neither Aylesbury Vale nor Central Bedfordshire was sought prior to the meeting. A similar proposal in the form of an amendment to another motion had been rejected at the Milton Keynes Council meeting on the 13th October. A copy of the full motion that was presented can be found in the Documents and Representations section of the web site.

It should be born in mind that until the East of England Plan Review is completed, and a recommendation of what if any expansion should occur into Central Bedfordshire, this motion is premature indeed.

Further as this unilaterally proposed boundary change it will no doubt focus once again on the Woburn Sands/Aspley Guise Boundary, we have revisited the Boundary Commission’s 1988 Report.

As part of a total review of the Bedfordshire’s boundary, a detailed examination of that part of the boundary was conducted, particularly as once again Milton Keynes had submitted unilaterally that the boundary should be changed.

Little of course has changed in respect of this area of the boundary, despite the passage of time and exactly the same issues are pertinent today particularly education (where MK is two tier, and Central Bedfordshire is three tier), with the exception of the proposal to expand MK to the north and west of both Woburn Sands and Aspley Guise, engulfing Wavendon on its way.

We were hoping to make a copy of this report available in electronic form, and the Boundary Commission has provided the main report, which has been uploaded to the library, and may be able to provide Annex A which details the investigaion and recommendations around the meeting held referred to in the main report. In the mean tim we have reproduced this Annex and uploaded it to the Library.

We strongly sugest that all members read these documents.

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