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01/07/2009 - Published SE Plan

The Published South East Plan

The final South East Plan was published in May 2009 following consultation on the Secretary of State’s proposed changes. This document replaces the policies MKAV in Part B of the MK&SM Sub Regional Strategy and Part A statement continues to apply in so far as it is taken forward by the SE Plan. As previously reported, the Secretary of State had recognised that the part of the proposed SEDA expansion of MK, that fell within Mid Bedfordshire could not be included within the SE Plan, and therefore the numbers for Milton Keynes were reduced by 5,600 to reflect this.

Policy MKAV1 of the plan in respect of Milton Keynes requires between 2006 – 2026
a) 34,160 dwellings in the MK Urban Area
b) “4,800 dwelling as part of a development of 10,400 dwellings in the south-east of Milton Keynes(leaving a balance of 5,600 dwellings to be found in Bedfordshire, subject to assessment through the East of England RSS review)”
c) 2,400 dwellings in the rural area/rest of MK (i.e. east of the M1)
d) 5,390 dwellings as part of SW urban extension of MK into Aylesbury Vale

It is of note that the SE Plan makes explicit longer term growth may need to be east of the M1, and that further testing of this should be undertaken to inform a future review.

Policy MKAV2 of the plan in respect of Milton Keynes states the total for Milton Keynes between 2006 and 2026 is 44,350 – this figure includes the 5,390 dwellings of the SW urban extension located in Aylesbury Vale but excludes a) 5,6000 dwellings to be located in Mid Bedfordshire subject to review of the East of England RSS, and b) excludes housing in Milton Keynes District outside the MK growth area.

Note the figure of 4,800 for the SEDA, and that the Secretary of State finally recognising that any dwelling numbers that fall within another region can not be counted in the SE Plan totals.

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