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08/03/2010 - Milton Keynes Submission Core Strategy

Milton Keynes Submission Core Strategy Update

Milton Keynes Council originally consulted on the Issues and Options in respect of the MK Core Strategy in 2006/7. The Society made on line representation at the time, and this may be found in the representation and documents library. This proposed a total of 4,800 dwellings including the Strategic Reserve Areas south of the A421 but within MK boundaries. Following the consultation MK prepared the submission version of the Core Strategy which would in due course will be examined in public by a Planning Inspector. A draft of the submission document went to Cabinet on the 2nd June 2009 but Cabinet decided to withdraw the report for further the Local Development Framework Advisory Group to consider the comments made.

This document proposed 7,300 dwellings including the Strategic Reserve Areas south of the A421 within MK and 3,100 dwellings in Mid Bedfordshire. This was despite the signed Memorandum of Understanding for 2,000 dwellings in Mid Bedfordshire. A copy of this document can be found at: http://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/planning-policy/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=61301. A very strong letter was sent to MKC in respect of this document - both in respect of the unilateral increase in housing numbers in both the MK and the Mid Bedfordshire parts of the SEDA

The final submission document went to Cabinet in November following critical review by independent consultations with a view to it going before Council in November. However the recorded decision by Cabinet was:

"Milton Keynes Local Development Framework Core Strategy: Submission Document and Consultation
That the Core Strategy be submitted to a Council meeting for consideration on, or before, 12 January 2010, subject to any discussions that are necessary to achieve a Strategy around which the Council is likely to coalesce"

The submission Core Strategy has now been passed by MK full council and has been published for consultation prior to be examined by a Planning Inspector. As part of the new process, this consultation is in respect of soundness and legality and representations made will be provided to the examining Planning Inspector. The link to this document is:
just copy and paste this into your browser.
We would strongly suggest members read this.

The Society has made representations on three issues concerning the final submission document. These concern:
1. The unilateral increase in housing numbers in the MK part of the SEDA from 4,800 to 7,300 threatening both Wavendon and Woburn Sands. We had previously raised this with MK Council, but were not satisfied with there explanation. There has been on consultation on this increase.
2. The proposal for an M1 crossing and possible Junction 13A north of the A421, and East of Fenn Farm which would of course cross straight into Central Bedfordshire at Hulcot and Salford. There has been no consultation on this
3. The document containing housing numbers and planning assumption in respect of the Bedfordshire part of the SEDA.

These representations may be found in the document library.

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