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11/08/2009 - NHPAU July 2009 Report

You will recall the Government setting up the National Housing and Planning Advise Unit in 2007. The Government felt that the Regional Plans were not delivering enough total houses across the Regions. At the same time announcing that Regional Assemblies would be ended in 2010.

It should be remembered that this Government is attempting to address the lack of affordable homes, at no cost to the tax payer, by setting a target for developers that every development should consist of 30% affordable homes. Since then and even before the Credit Crunch and Recession, only between 15-18% has been achieved. The quality of the building has led to housing associations refusing to take them on as they do not meet their minimum criteria.

This unelected quango in 2008 issued its own take on the number of total dwellings that each region should deliver to meet this affordability problem. Of course this was not subject to any stakeholder assessment, consultation, or any due democratic process. Just in instruction that these numbers should be tested on review of each of the plans.

Well this body had issued another report - and surprise surprise, they want even higher total considered. Go to the documents library to see a copy.

We have made representations before as part of consultation on various plans and reports that this Governments approach to the affordability problem is too simplistic, for what is a multifaceted problem and will cause irreversible damage. Similar to the damage caused to both community and environment in the 1950s and 1960s by similar approaches to housing affordability and shortfall.

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