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20/10/2009 - DCLG planning changes for consultation

The Department of Communities and Local Government, in June and at the end of July (holiday season of course) issued a number of planning change documents for consultation, which we are currently considering. Of note that this was following what is referred to as the Killian Pretty Review. So just who are Killian Pretty - no doubt imminent and experienced planners or the like. Well no.

Joanna Killian joined Essex County Council as Director for Finance and Performance in March 2005, becoming Chief Executive in June 2006. Before that she was Director of Local Government Performance and Improvement with the Audit Commission.

David Prety was Group Chief Executive of Barratt Developments until 2006 when he retired after 40 years in housing development.

The documents may be found at http://www.communities.gov.uk/planningandbuilding/publications/consultations/ for those interested in taking a look.

We have considered four of the documents:

1. Greater Flexibility for Planning Permissions - issued June 2009 consultation ends August 2009. This document proposes that major development planning permissions given prior to October 2009 which may lapse, can now apply for one single extension - rather than resubmitting a fresh planning application. Reason - the recession and credit crunch It is of note that Planning Authorities already had the power to give longer than three years timescales to permissions given good planning reasons.

As this is only a temporary measure, and time limited to permissions given before October 2009, we have decided not to comment. Should there be any more to extend or make this permanent, then we would resist, as it is clearly usurping legal planning process.

2.Streamlining Information requirements for Planning Applications. Having considered this we consider that the changes are in the main removing the bureaucratic burden placed on both Local Planning Authorities and Applicants by this Government in 2004. Therefore consider the changes in the main to be appropriate.

3. Publicity for Planning Applications Consultations. We are broadly supportive of this document subject to some recommendations, which removes the requirment for some planning applications to be advertise in newspapers, and standardises the time periods for consultation to the higher of two figures. We have made representation and a copy of this can be found in the document library.

4. Improving Permitted Development - this extends permitted development to non domestic properties and extends existing permitted development in particular cases. We have major concerns about this proposal which basically moves some small development of non domestic properties from a permission model to an enforcement model. Considerations of the abuse of the current planning process by developers in our locality shows why we consider that these proposals should be amended. Our representation may be found in the document library.

5. Policy Statement on Regional Strategies and Guidance on the establishment of Leaders Boards. This documents consists of policy and other documents to support the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill. The Bill is still going through process started at the end of 2008 and due to come back to the Commons after reprinting on the 13th October. Gvt expects it be complete with Royal Assent by the end of the year coming into force in the spring.
Of concern is that the policy statement on preparing Regional Strategys contains no reference in its priorities to food security, and DEFRA the organisation with responsibility for this is excluded from the listed stakeholders to be consulted. No representation has been made.

6 Proposed Amendment to Planning Policy Statement 25 - Development and Flood Risk. Having considered the proposed changes, we consider that the changes considerably weaken what was quiite a robust Policy Statement in respect of seeking to reduce or at least not increase flood risk by development. Therefore representation has been made, and this can be found in the Documents library.The representation makes clear the proposed changes.

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