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21/06/2009 - Regional Assembly Reorganisation

In 2006/8 the Government proposed to abolish the non elected Regional Assemblies by 2010 replacing them with non elected government funded Regional Development Agencies and these agencies would be charged with producing a new integrated Regional Strategy, which combined the current Regional Spatial Strategy (houses) and Regional Economic Strategy (jobs).

Following consultation, and considerable resistance this has now been amended to give local authorities in the form of Leader Boards and development agencies joint responsibility to produce the integrated strategy.

Current Situation
The 1998 Act - Regional Agencies Development Act that set up the unelected Regional Assemblies and Development Agencies is still in place. . The new bill setting out the new role and responsibilities the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill was presented by the Department of Communities and Local Government in late 2008, and is still going through parliament. Whilst Government would like to see it receive assent before the summer, due to a large number of issues raised in the Lords, it is not likely to be in place until the autumn perhaps later.

In the meantime 4 Regional Assemblies have dissolved, including the South East Regional Assembly (SEERA), which dissolved on the 31st March 2009. SEERA is replaced by the South East England Partnership Board, which holds its first meeting in July. The East of England Regional Assembly is still in place.

A more detailed, 2 page briefing note on what is going on, for those interested can be found in the representation and document library

Comment - as reorganisation goes, this has to be the most chaotic ever.

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