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20/06/2008 - Nampak Site - Phase 3 Messrs Wimpey are consulting again in respect of their proposals for Phase 3 seeking to substantially change what is set out in the agreed MK Local Plan. Representation made


Under MK Unitary Authority’s Local Plan – the old Plysu site, known locally as the Nampak Site in Woburn Sands was designated to receive 270 dwellings. There was considerable local concern in respect of this development particularly in respect of the number/density and mix of housing proposed in the planning applications for Phase One and Two by Messrs George Wimpey but planning permission was granted for 111 Flats – one and two bedrooms, 49 three bedroom houses and 120 four + bedroom houses, making a total of 280 dwellings. No two bedroom houses. There was also concern in respect that this development would be isolated from and not part of Woburn Sands, lack of infrastructure, and the impact of the increase in traffic, without road widening, at what is already a congestion point at the Railway crossing, made worse by the junction with Cranfield Road.

In 2007 Messrs George Wimpey consulted again in respect of their proposals for Phase 3 and 4 of the development and planning applications were made in respect of Phase 3 to build a further 54 one and two bedroom flats, 32 three bedroom houses, and 39 four+ bedroom houses. No two bedroom houses. A total of 125 dwellings - exceeding the Local Plan total. Once again strong representation was made both to George Wimpey and Milton Keynes Council by Woburn Sands Town Council and the Society. See the Representation and Document Library.

The Phase Three Planning Application was later refused by Milton Keynes Council - we are not as yet aware of the grounds. No appeal has been registered

Bad news - Wimpey is consulting again on Phase 3. Exhibition on the 20th June 1-8 pm at the Memorial Hall.


There was a very limited exhibition by the Developers in respect of Phase 3 and 3 of their master plan on the 20th June. However fuller details may be found at www.greenissues.com/nampak

Of import is that Messrs Wimpey are seeking to reduce substantially the land used for employment, and correspondingly increase the land used for housing. Surprise surprise. This would of course be in total opposition to the principles and plans as set out in the agreed MK Local Plan. There appears clear indication also that they intend building more flats. Representation made to developers - see document file. We will await the planning application.

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