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02/11/2008 - Marston Mortain Eco Town Proposal - action group web site

Add this web site http://www.mmetag.com/ to your favourites to keep up to date with the Marston Mortain eco town proposal, and in addition to the Society, make your individual voices heard - both in the web site petition, by e-mail or by joining in demonstrations.

This is no more, or less than a sprawled linear development from Bedford to MK, mainly encompassing green field sites (see WSDS representation documents section for the society's view). Understandable from the developers view, there's the M1, the A1 and the (to be upgraded) A421 - prime real estate for developers O&H Properties. Eco town it is not as the computer graphic from David Lock's presentation in Australia demonstrates (see Second Round Eco Town Consultation news)- but is anyone listening to any other view, including the "so called" challenge panel. What is also interesting is the map included in the submission showing O & H Land (yellow) and Hanson Land (pink) and comparing this with the computer graphic of the proposed eco town.

The Government in its drive to build huge numbers of new homes a % affordable (undelivered as yet),seems to have eco towns as its flag ship, and Marston Mortain in particular. Though anything less than eco has yet to be seen!! We wonder how much of this is due to David Lock, appointed Govt adviser on eco town criteria, and his company apparently being linked to the Marston Mortain eco town proposal.

Go visit the site http://www.mmetag.com, and make your voice heard.

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