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31/05/2009 - Mid Bedfordshire Core Strategy - Submission document consultation & examination

Mid Bedfordshire has published its draft submission document of the Core Strategy, Technical Documents and Settlement Envelope Reviews. Having considered this WSDS has made representation prior to the deadline of the 24th November 2008. Uploaded to documents section (November 08), but note the representation is a form format as required by Mid Beds consultation framework.

Of note in the document is that the Secretary of State proposed changes to the SE Plan, exclude housing numbers for that part of the SE Urban Extension of MK into Mid Bedfordshire - and stated that this should be considered by the East of England Plan Review. The East of England Plan Review has only just been commenced, and will not be complete til 2011. Mid Bedfordshire has chosen to make part of its draft Core Strategy the MK SE Urban Extension, allocating 2,000 homes to be built in Mid Bedfordshire. We are of the initial view that this is premature however we are aware the reasons for this.

The Core Strategy may be found at http://www.midbeds.gov.uk/Planning/LDF/Core_Strategy_and_Development_Management_Policies_DPD.aspx

Following the representation in November 08. The Society was advised the Planning Inspector will hold an enquiry in June 09 to consider whether the document was both legally compliant and sound. We received the additional questions he raised in respect of the submitted Draft Core Strategy and as allowed by the rules have submitted a written statement. This may be found in the documents section under the Mid Beds Core Strategy heading called Written Statement.

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