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29/07/2008 - East of England Plan review now commenced to take the revised plan through to 2031. Government deadline for this 2011

The Government requires that there by an early focussed review of the East of England Plan, rolling it forward to 2031, with a further increase to the house building trajectory and to test the Government's National Housing and Planning and Advise Units advice that the annual housing provision under the EE Plan to 2021 should be increased from 25,400 to between 30,600 to 39,200,

EERA, in July published its Draft Project Plan, and Draft Statement of Public Participation for consultation. Closing date for representation on these documents is 15th September 2008. These documents can be seen at the EERA web site at http://www.eera.gov.uk . It is worth, whilst on the site, considering EERA’s views on the Gvt increase of housing provision of the plan, and eco towns. The Society has considered these documents and made representation - this can be seen in the documents library.

The Government steamroller rolls on ignoring contrary views and expert reports – determined to deliver a large amount of new houses all over southern England, only a small percentage of which, despite espoused targets, will be affordable.

Members should not forget Gordon Browns statement that the Regional Assemblies will be abolished by 2010, their planning role, it is proposed, will be passed to the Regional Development Agencies – yet more unelected quangos, deciding our future. Then there is of course the Governments planning bill currently going through parliamentary process, which, if passed, removes planning for large projects, like nuclear power stations, airports, etc from the normal planning process and puts the decision making in the hands of an Independent Planning Commission. So much for democratic process – but then it was getting in the way of what the Government wanted to do.

It is of note that the East of England Plan is currently facing two legal challenges to the published East of England Plan. Watch this space for further information and updates.

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