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19/12/2017 - CBC Draft Local Plan was published for consultation

The draft CBC Local Plan was finally published for consultation in the summer. This proposed 3000 dwellings in the AG triangle and a further 5000 dwellings in the form of a series of villages in the Marston Vale. This meant that CBC North who had already contributed to the housing need under the existing CBC North Core strategy of aroung 20000 dwellings is now exprected to take the bulk of the housing development required under the CBC Local Plan. i.e. 23000 compared to 11000 in the South which failed to agree its Core Strategy in the past
Needless to say the Society has made a strong representation. The pre submission Local Plan is likely to be published for consultaiton some time in either January or February next year

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Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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