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20/05/2008 - Marston Vale Eco Towns proposal. Messrs Gallaghers propose 7,000 dwellings at Wixams, and Messrs O& H Properties propose 15,000 homes between Wixams and Brogborough. Comments required by end of June

One proposal has been shortlisted by the Government for an eco town in the Marston Vale by 2021. These would be over and above the huge developments being planned by the yet unpublished SE Regional Spatial Strategy (SE Plan) and the East of England Regional Spatial Strategy ( East of England Plan).

The proposal is by Messrs O & H properties who propose to create around 15,000 homes in the south of the Marston Vale between Wixams and Brogborough. The proposal is slightly unclear, as there seems to be a second element in respect of an extension to the agreed Wixam Development by developer Messrs Gallaghers for a further 7,000 homes making a total of 22,000

This proposal can be found at


We have no studied this proposal in detail, and have serious concerns in respect of what is basically a ribbon development between Kempston and Milton Keynes.

We also have serious concerns in respect of just how green and eco friendly these proposals are particularly in respect of increased traffic in what is low employment area. The settlements are sprawled along the vale and therefore there is little alternative for residents but to use their cars. For public transport to be a viable form of transportation, development needs to focused round transport hubs.

Additionaly we are not supportive of the element of large footprint employment areas - which basically is logistics and warehousing - with their low employment numbers, but huge footprints and transport requirments.

We may have been supportive of a small eco town in the vale, focussed around a transport hub, and with much smaller numbers of houses - but not this proposal.

We are seriously concerned that the Government in its drive to achieve housing targets, is ignoring both short and longer term strategic issues, from such massive development on greenfield sites. This is demonstrated by their failure to take into account the joint effect of the Regional Spatial Strategies on such things as the Habitats Directive and increased Flood Risk.

The Society having considered these proposals has made representation, and this can be seen in the documents and representations library.

Note consultation appears to be taking place, and comments should be sent to the Department of Comunities by the end of June.

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