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04/09/2013 - Woburn Sands Neighbourhood Plan

The Woburn Sands Neighbourhood Plan is being publicised and made available for comment for eight weeks between Wednesday 4 September and Wednesday 30 October 2013.

During this period, anyone can make comments on the plan and the policies within it. These comments will be passed to an independent Examiner who will undertake an Examination of the Plan. If the Plan is found to be acceptable by the Examiner, it will then progress to a Referendum stage where all local residents within Woburn Sands will be able to vote on whether the Neighbourhood Plan should be Ďadoptedí by Milton Keynes Council and used in the determination of planning applications in the area.

Copy and Paste the following link into your browser for details and the Plan


Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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