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04/12/2012 - MK Core Strategy changes that affect the SE of the area

Changes to the Core Strategy

Woburn Sands
Wednesday 12th December 7pm – 9pm.
Memorial Hall, High Street, Woburn Sands.

The Core Strategy is an important document which sets out the aims, objectives and actions for the council in relation to future growth for Milton Keynes Borough. Following examination in July, and due to the Government’s failure to revoke the SE Plan as promised, the Planning Inspector has required some significant changes, in order that it may be found “sound” and “ legally compliant” that will have a significant and un assessed impact on Woburn sands, Wavendon and the neighbouring rural communities.

If the council does not accept these modifications then potentially the Core Strategy will be found to be neither legally compliant nor sound and this would have far reaching implications on future planning as at the end of March 2013, if there is not an up to date local plan in place, the NPPF presumption in favour of development will kick in. So a kind of Catch 22 – do as the Inspector requires or the consequences will be even worse..

The final submission Core Strategy will be consulted on in January and it is important that members are fully up to speed with what the Planning Inspector is requiring, the impact this will have and what can be done to mitigate that impact, and the consequences for the whole area if the required changes are not made.

So much for Localism. So if you live in Woburn Sands and the immediate surrounding area, please attend if you can.

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