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01/07/2018  MK Plan and CBC Plan update

19/12/2017  Another opportunistic application in Little Brickhill

19/12/2017  CBC Draft Local Plan was published for consultation

19/12/2017  Milton Keynes Pre Submission Plan MK

19/12/2017  Hayfield Consortium Update

03/06/2017  Hayfield Park proposal

03/04/2017  Covanta re application for Ea Permit

16/03/2017  Draft MK Plan published

01/03/2017  CBC and MK Plan update

25/10/2016  MKC and CBC Plan update

31/03/2016  Contact us page

20/03/2016  MK Plan Strategic Development Directions Consultation

15/01/2016  MK Site Allocation Emerging Options - WSDS representation

16/11/2015  Parklands/Nampak Phase 5 & 6

29/10/2015  Frosts appeal

17/03/2015  Planning Application from Frosts in Wavendon

13/03/2015  EW Rail update newsletter

12/09/2014  MK Plan Consultation

24/07/2014  MK Strategic Housing Land Assessment

24/07/2014  CBC final draft submission Core Strategy

29/04/2014  Woburn Sands Neighbourhood Plan Referendum and result

14/04/2014  Woburn Sands Neighbourhood Plan

26/09/2013  MKC SDA Development Framework

04/09/2013  Woburn Sands Neighbourhood Plan

08/07/2013  Greens Hotel new application

07/07/2013  Nampak hybrid application for Phase 4

14/03/2013  Nampak/ Parklands Phase 4.5

28/02/2013  SE Plan revoked with effect from the 25th March

18/02/2013  Updated Main modification consultation to MK Core Strategy

16/01/2013  Central Bedfordshire Core Strategy Consultation

04/12/2012  MK Core Strategy changes that affect the SE of the area

12/10/2012  Aspley Guise Local Green Space Consultation

05/10/2012  MKC Development Framework Consultation

21/09/2012  Storey Homes Update

17/09/2012  Reminder - Storrey Homes

12/09/2012  Covanta Update

30/05/2012  Milton Keynes Core Strategy Examination

10/05/2012  Reminder WSDS AGM 30 May

14/04/2012  Government does not abolish Regional Spatial Strategies

14/04/2012  Nampak Phase 4 and 5

03/04/2012  National Planning Policy Framework

08/03/2012  New Central Bedfordshire Core Strategy

23/02/2012  Inexpensive Progress Report from NT RSPB and CPRE

08/02/2012  Greens Hotel Update

14/11/2011  Milton Keynes Informal Consultation on SE expansion proposal

04/11/2011  Zen and Tesco Express news

29/10/2011  Covanta decision

27/10/2011  Submission MK Core Strategy Update

27/10/2011  National Planning Policy Framework

16/09/2011  Woburn Sands Library News

14/09/2011  Announcement

21/07/2011  Covanta Consultation closed

17/07/2011  Storey Homes application refused

20/06/2011  Storey Homes update

10/06/2011  Covanta Updated

07/06/2011  Greens Hotel Update

26/05/2011  Examination of MK Core Strategy postponed

09/02/2011  Newsflash Updated - Regional Spatial Strategies

04/02/2011  Covanta Update on application for permit

03/02/2011  Storey Homes Proposal for Woburn Sands development

03/02/2011  Milton Keynes Council draft Local Transport Plan

03/02/2011  Central Bedfordshire Draft Local Transport Plan

27/01/2011  CBC(North) Site Allocation DPD Update

25/01/2011  Woburn Sands Library Update

25/01/2011  Covanta update following January Pre-Hearing Meeting

03/12/2010  Press Release - Woburn Sands Library

20/10/2010  CBC(north) Site Allocation Submission document Update

08/10/2010  Covanta Update on Registration

24/09/2010  Covanta - Energy from Waste IPC Application

22/09/2010  Draft Core Strategy review update - news on MKSEDA

19/08/2010  Nampak Appeal Decision

13/08/2010  MK Residents Consulted on form Local Government

06/07/2010  Revokation of Regional Spatial Strategies and Guidance

30/06/2010  Mark Lancaster Debate on the Abolition of the RSSs

27/06/2010  Newsflash Cllr David Hopkins motion to MKC passed

05/06/2010  SE Expansion of MK a Motion to Council on the 8th June 2010

26/05/2010  Milton Keynes SE Development Area News Updated

14/05/2010  Nampak Appeal

08/03/2010  Milton Keynes Submission Core Strategy

27/02/2010  Sandy Mount Woburn Sands Planning Application updated

18/02/2010  CBC (North) LDF Site Allocation Submission Document

25/01/2010  Milton Keynes Proposed Boundary Changes

21/01/2010  Woburn Sands Conservation Review

21/01/2010  DCLG planning document consultation

04/01/2010  Towergate Planning application

16/12/2009  Nampak Applications Refused

30/10/2009  EERA 4 options Consultation

23/10/2009  Mid Bedforshire Core Stategy

20/10/2009  DCLG planning changes for consultation

07/09/2009  Nampak Update October 09

11/08/2009  NHPAU July 2009 Report

01/07/2009  Published SE Plan

21/06/2009  Regional Assembly Reorganisation

20/06/2009  East of England Regional Assembly Draft Implementation Plan

31/05/2009  Mid Bedfordshire Core Strategy - Submission document consultation & examination

16/05/2009  Milton Keynes Partnership to hold public meeting on 2nd June in Woburn Sands

10/03/2009  East West Rail Link

13/02/2009  Mr Menday appeal of planning refusal for Greens Hotel successful

07/02/2009  Marston Vale eco town developers have withdrawn from the progamme

19/01/2009  East of England Regional Scale Settlement Study

13/11/2008  Milton Keynes Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

02/11/2008  Menday application to turn Greens Hotel into Closed Care Apartments and Nursing Home

02/11/2008  Marston Mortain Eco Town Proposal - action group web site

02/11/2008  Second Round of Consultation on Eco-towns draft Planning Policy and Sustainability Appraisal

22/09/2008  Archive Photo Gallery - work is ongoing in uploading a substantial part of WSDS archive of the area. This is a work in progress.

14/09/2008  Update on the Draft South East Plan and the Changes the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government wants to make following Consultation, which ends on the 24th October 2008

31/08/2008  ECO TOWNS UPDATE the ten remaining eco town bids faced Session 2 of the eco town challenge in July 2008, followed by Department CLG's update reports. See Documents and Representations section for summary of these papers

26/08/2008  PM Petition on Marston Mortain - sign up if you agree with the society's position on this proposal at http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/marstonvale

29/07/2008  SE Plan - Government publishes its proposed changes to the SE Plan following the Panel Report

29/07/2008  East of England Plan review now commenced to take the revised plan through to 2031. Government deadline for this 2011

29/07/2008  Mid Bed LDF Site Allocations Issues and Options Allocations Consultations - a further 70 submissions, two in the WSDS area - see document library for WSDS response. Closing date for consultation 18th August

16/07/2008  Web Site - Contact Us links have not been working for the last few months. We apologise if any one has tried to use them without success. However all are working now and you should recieve a recieve a response from any query sent.

10/07/2008  Marston Vale and New Marston Eco Town Proposal - Messrs Gallaghers have withdrawn their 7,000 home eco town proposal

20/06/2008  Nampak Site - Phase 3 Messrs Wimpey are consulting again in respect of their proposals for Phase 3 seeking to substantially change what is set out in the agreed MK Local Plan. Representation made

18/06/2008  Traffic Calming in Weathercock Lane and Station Road Woburn Sands

09/06/2008  East of England Plan and Supporting Docment has now been published.Habitats assessment in respect of flooding and Ouse washes from joint afffect of plans left to SE Plan

20/05/2008  Marston Vale Eco Towns proposal. Messrs Gallaghers propose 7,000 dwellings at Wixams, and Messrs O& H Properties propose 15,000 homes between Wixams and Brogborough. Comments required by end of June

11/04/2008  Grimley's Report - for Aylesbury, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Mid Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Council and MK Partnership

01/04/2008  East of England Spatial Strategy News - Habitats Assessment and further Government changes

23/03/2008  Draft South East Plan The Panel Report following the Examination in Public, was published in August 2007. Publication of South East Plan is delayed until July 2008

18/03/2008  Wavendon Gateway Framework proposal and Planning Applications were refused at the meeting of MK Partnerships Planning Committee held on the 18th March 2008

12/03/2008  Greens Hotel Woburn Sands Application to convert and extend into 50 bed nursing home and 36 close care apartments. is refused by the Development Control Committee

03/03/2008  A421 Improvement M1 Junction 13 to Bedford. A public enquiry which commenced on the 4th December into the Highways Agency scheme, was completed on 13th February 2008. The report is awaited.

Representations / Document library

Welcome to the Woburn Sands and District Society (WSDS) web site. We hope you will find the contents of the site both interesting and enjoyable.

WSDS is a registered charity, non political, and non profit making, funded by the subscriptions of its membership. The Society was formed in the 1960s to preserve and protect the amenities and rural character of the villages and hamlets in the area the Society covers. These include, Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford and Wavendon. Any person living in these areas is welcome to become a member of the Society, on payment of a small annual subscription.

You will find details of the current campaigns in which the Society is involved in the News sections of the site, and copies of the representations made, past and present in the representations and document library.

We also have an interest in the history of the area and have collected a large archive of old photographs in respect of our area. Prints of these may be purchased from the Society see the Archive Photo section for a selection.

We would be delighted to publish details of local events in the area we cover. If you want your event to be publicized on the site, please provide details of the event using the Contact Us general enquiry section.

Areas Covered include: Woburn Sands, Aspley Guise, Aspley Heath, the Brickhills, Husborne Crawley, Salford, Wavendon and Woburn
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